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Therapeutic Art is a process whereby client(s) are asked to create a piece of artwork to a different theme each week (e.g., self confidence vs self doubt, resilience, relationships and boundaries, hopes and dreams) using a variety of art materials. We then discuss the process of how you got to your final art creation, the thinking behind the art, as well as the emotions and memories attached to it. Positive/constructive feedback is provided and possible solutions offered in a safe and confidential space (all participants to sign confidentiality contract).

Do I need to be good at Art?
People do not have to be artists or even “good at art” to benefit from therapeutic art. It uses the
power of the arts and different modes of communication to get people to open up and engage with

their thoughts in new ways.


Who is Leading the Therapeutic Art Sessions?
Yeşim Guner is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist (registered by the Health and Care Professions Council), an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a co-author of a book titled ‘Young People, Employment & Work Psychology: Solutions and Interventions’. She has 16 - years of experience working for a London Local Authority, a private consultancy firm and as a freelance practitioner and is passionate about the importance of creative art in navigating your mind to break down barriers and achieve goals.


What is important to highlight here is that these sessions are for those with mild to moderate levels of anxiety only - if they are experiencing severe clinical levels of anxiety, I suggest that they seek support from a Clinical Psychologist and I would be happy to discuss referral processes and systems available according to age group.  

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Starting at £50 for 90-minute session (max x6 people) 

face-to- face sessions once covid restrictions are lifted or

Max 25 people via Zoom.


Including Art Set required for sessions, e.g., canvas board, paint brush set, paints, pallet and adult colouring book to take away with you to de-stress whenever you have some spare time.




ART Sessions:

Each of our sessions has a different theme such as:


Self Esteem


Resilience to Adverse Times

Dealing with Anxiety by Feeling Empowered

+ Many More Areas 



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Block Bookings (Six 1-2-1 Sessions)



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