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On Friday, Mind supported four young people to share their experiences of living with a mental health problem,
with the Prime Minister. They were joined by Youth Mental Health Ambassador, Dr Alex George to share how
they have coped during the pandemic, and suggest what mental health support they think young people need.

In November the UK Government announced an additional £500 million for mental health.

On Friday the Prime Minister committed £79 million of this to support young people’s mental health.


Saadia, who is part of Mind’s Youth Network, spoke to the Prime Minister. She talked to him about the help she received at school to support with her anxiety, and the importance of tackling mental health stigma:


“It's good to hear that the Government is investing in Mental Health Support Teams, so more young people get support for their mental health like I did. It’s so important the Prime Minister hears directly from young people, because sometimes we are not involved in conversations, which concern us and our futures. The best way to create

real change and improve support for young people with mental health problems is to consider the experiences

of those affected.” Saadia


The UK Government is finally talking more publicly about mental health and putting in place more support.
But there is still much more to be done.  

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