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“Yesim has gone above and beyond her duties to support JS and I during our time under her care. Her empathetic approach and diligence to check-up on both JS and my well-being was truly appreciated. She is a true advocate and was able to voice
our concerns when liaising with JS’ school. She provided supplementary support by
signposting me to resilience workshops and opened up various avenues for support”.


(JS 13-year old student)


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My daughter was having a very difficult time at her school when she was in Cyprus  - she spends time with me in the UK during the Summer. During this time I became aware of Yesim’s work. 

The change in my daughter was quite significant. She felt a connection with Yesim and felt confident enough to open up about all sorts of things. Ultimately this has helped her to be the person she is today - much more confident!

My daughter has also excelled much more positively with her education. She was 10 at the time and I have no hesitation in recommending Navigate Your Mind services to help with Confidence and Self-Esteem Building as I felt my daughter genuinely responded positively
to the support she received.

(DH 10-year old student)

I recently attended a Therapeutic Art group session with two others who I have known for over one year and found the session very helpful. I found the opportunity to speak about my current anxieties and “blockers” and the guidance given by Yeşim particularly helpful.

‘Navigate Your Minds’ Therapeutic Art Sessions are excellent as the session I attended was relaxed and provided clear and direct instructions on how to work on areas that you are currently struggling with.

I particularly enjoyed the ice-breaker exercise, opportunities to draw and identifying affirmations linked to my name.

(Filiz M. - Owner of Forever Gifted)

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