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Help Navigate and/or represent individuals through the education system I have been working in partnership with primary and secondary schools for over 16-years now.

Navigate Your Mind

Psychologists assess and identify the need for help for children and families as soon as problems start to emerge, or when there is a strong likelihood that problems will emerge in the future.

Navigate your Mind offers support to children, teenagers, adults and families. The support we offer is designed to reduce or prevent specific problems from escalating or becoming entrenched any further.

Navigate Through The Social Care System
  • Intervening early in the life of the child or young person is key
  • Whole family and multi-agency approach is taken
  • No wrong door we be the lead communicator throughout the whole process
  • Use of evidence based intervention and monitoring of impact
  • The client (whether a child or an adult) is at the centre of all we do
  • We are all responsible and accountable for the work deliver to support our clients
Families tell their story once, no repetition required! No time wasting for clients, families or partner supporting agencies.
Representing individuals in
local authority matters
 All families face challenges and sometimes need support.
Early Help is about providing  support as soon as possible to tackle difficulties for children, young people and families
  •  Early intervention and prevention is about providing support
  • Working with partners, Navigate Your Mind Psychologists provide help and support to families, children and young people up to the age of 19 (or 25 with a disability).
We aim to:
  • Provide the right help first time that meets identified needs
  • Improve outcomes for children and young people
Prevent the escalation of issues that would then require statutory intervention.
Confidence building /empowerment / Resilience Sessions Anger Management Sessions
The words ‘anger management’ infer that one must be angry before any form of action is taken. This can provide difficulties because when the ‘red mist’ of irritation, frustration or anger descends, the autopilot mind takes over and it might be more difficult to take a step back.
Our aim is to help you learn to recognise the triggers to your anger and take a well managed step back. Preventing the onset of an anger response is much easier to perform rather than stopping the anger once it is in play.
As each session advances:
  • You'll begin to recognise sooner when you feel irritated and frustrated.
  • You'll learn how to more more mindful of the moment and...
  • Develop better habits of response. Are you quick to be irritated, frustrated or angry?

  • Do you consider your responses out of proportion with the situation?

  • Do you notice that you take problematic moments personally and become defensive?

  • Do you blame others for your actions?

  • Do you react negatively if things don’t go the way you hoped or if you
    don’t get your way?
A practical approach of cognitive awareness and mindfulness will help you take back control.
The benefits of our
anger management solutions
If anger in any form is present in your life you will be helped to develop a ‘toolbox of skills’ that will include:
  • Creating an awareness of your anger triggers and notice when they’re occurring rather than following them on autopilot.

  • Develop ways to find solutions to the anger triggers where they can be found and to learn how to take a step back where they can't.

  • Learning how to challenge thoughts and interpretations towards situations and people that precede an anger response.

  • Learning how to create responses that are proportionate to a situation.

  • Learning how to relax and calm your mind.

  • Learning how being more mindful of your moment to moment experiences.





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