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1-2-1 Sessions

A shift in mindset, behaviour and consequently actions will usually take approximately x8 to x12 sessions.

Sessions are 60-minutes long and each one is tailored to individual needs.

Sessions include:

  •  Initial assessment, intervention & prevention of further escalation of low to moderate levels of anxiety

  • Confidence building; self-esteem development linked to specific anxiety -
    working on empowering the individual to build own “toolbox” to deal with specific challenges

  • Creative Arts (Therapeutic Art) to enable client to express themselves through an alternative method with the goal of becoming more resilient during adverse situations and/or environments

  • Mindfulness practices to direct attention to the present moment without judgement; improving breathing techniques

  • Visualisation and imagery are two of the most important tools to make

  • positive changes; consciously changing any negative images

  • Transition from Primary to Secondary School; enable young people to express their thoughts and feelings about change in a safe space and help them to gain skills to manage those feelings

  • Release Mind blocks by agreeing on SMART Goals in order to draw out possible
    solutions/select preferred solution(s) and identify support network

Group Sessions
Workshop 1: Art of Mindfulness and Well-Being

Workshop 2: Therapeutic Art Relaxation Sessions

Workshop 3: Empower Me (self-esteem & confidence building session)




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